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• 12/14/2014

Wiki logo

I've been thinking that we could use some nice graphic on the top left, instead of the poorly word-wrapped "TerraFirmaCraft Wiki" text. I've been looking at the other wikis, Minecraft uses a grass block with text over it, Minecraft wikia just has the minecraft text graphic, and the official TFC wiki has a bunch of blocks with small text beneath it.

I was thinking perhaps of a logo using some stylized version of the TFC animals or tools. Haven't gotten around to do any artwork myself, but I think a proper logo would do a good deal to make the wiki look more professional.

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• 12/15/2014

Hmmm.... sounds like a good idea. I'll try to whip something up in a few minutes.


Finally got the wordmark finished and uploaded. Let me know what you think.

• 12/20/2014

Nice work! If I may suggest though, I think the text should be above everything else - I mean, not being blocked by the tools, and if possible, also add "wiki" underneath TFC. 

I like the pheasant hiding underneath, but it's a bit hard to see (kind of camouflaged). Anyway, I don't have any great suggestions, I hope you don't think I'm being too harsh a critic :)

• 12/20/2014

Fine, I give up, you can have this wiki all to yourself!!!!! :P

I'll see what I can do when I get a bit more time. Have to get ready for work now... :(

• 12/22/2014

It's always something getting in the way... I'm damn glad I'm not doing this on my own ^_^;

Btw, at times I've checked our views statistics, and we were getting around 500-600 previously, but since december we've gone up to 900-1000 views daily, with the 21st being a record breaking 1450 views! While I'm sure the holidays have something to do about it, I'm also sure our hard work has paid off as well :)

• 1/19/2015

I thought after the holidays we'd go back to more humble viewer statistics. Boy was I wrong. The wiki stats record 2,107 views on Saturday (17th), and 1,533 the following day. 

We must be doing something right anyway :)

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