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• 1/14/2015


So, it seems most people like the new page theme. The poll has been up for a month, anyone have a suggestion for a new poll? Maybe something about TFC, or maybe what subjects (that we are missing) do people want to see next on the wiki...

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• 1/16/2015

Ok, not much happening here lately. How about "What subjects would you like to see on the wiki next? *Ores and Minerals, *Metallurgy, *Completed Mob articles, *More pictures, *Mid-game strategy guide, *Late-game strategy guide, *Other (tell us on the forums!)"

• 1/19/2015
Sounds like a decent poll. Probably help give us some direction as well. XD
• 4/22/2015

More than 50% of votes were cast on "mid-game strategy guide" (21/38), so I guess that's what our next project should be! Ores and Mineral pages got 7 votes, and Metallurgy 3 votes. These two fit nicely together, so I guess that's up after the mid-game guide. Pictures and Mobs got only 2 votes each, and one person voted "other", but I'm not sure I can see any forum post regarding what "other" means.

I took the liberty of creating a new poll. It looks a bit wonky, but it'll do for now. If anyone has an idea for a poll I'd love to hear about it! :)

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