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A Bloomery that is running.

The bloomery is a second tier structure that can smelt ores that the firepit cannot. However, the bloomery requires a higher level of technological advancement than the firepit, being made of bricks, requiring large amounts of bronze-age materials (thirty-two bronze type ingots), and running on charcoal.

-The bloomery can be made from any type of brick, even a mix-match of bricks.

-The corner bricks can be mined out and the bloomery will still be operational. Breaking any "essential" block, however, will destroy the bloomery and any ore inside.

-Additional layers can be added on top of the bloomery to increase its storage capacity. It may be extended 5 blocks past the height of the bloomery block, allowing for the maximum 90Kg each of ore and charcoal.

-It is highly recommended that you use a bellows with the bloomery, otherwise ores with a very high melting temperature will become "stuck" in the bloomery.

Bloomery GUI Edit

Heat Bar: On the left. Changes depending on the weather, presence of a bellows, and can seemingly change depending on what order coal/ore are added.

Ore: A measure of how much ore has been placed in the bloomery. Ore is generally much heavier than the metal that is returned.

Coal: How much charcoal has been placed in the bloomery. The bloomery does not take coal due to its natural impurities.

Output: How much metal has been melted down. Output is delivered by the use of ceramic molds, placed in the center slot. For ores that create two outputs (such as tetrahedrite) the more rare metal will be output first, and the other metal cannot be obtained without first collecting the rare metal. Collecting metal less than 2kg in weight will result in an incomplete bar. If you have two liquid, incomplete, bars, they can be crafted together to get a complete, cold, unshaped bar.

File:Bloomery gui.png

The Bloomery can be crafted as such:

File:Bloomery craft.png

After the bloomery block has been crafted, it must be placed in a proper stone structure. A reference guide to building your own bloomery is found below.

File:Bloomery build.png
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