There are three different types of bronze alloy:

  • Bronze
  • Bismuth bronze
  • Black bronze

All three bronze alloys are tier 2 metals.

Obtaining Edit

Bronze alloys are obtained by smelting copper ore with certain other ores in the right proportion, as indicated in the following table:

Alloy Required Ores Amount
Bronze Copper (tetrahedritemalachite, or native copper) 88-92%
Tin (cassiterite) 8-12%
Bismuth Bronze Copper (tetrahedritemalachite, or native copper) 50-65%
Bismuth (bismuthinite) 10-20%
Zinc (sphalerite) 20-30%
Black Bronze Copper (tetrahedritemalachite, or native copper) 50-70%
Gold (native gold) 10-25%
Silver (native silver) 10-25%

Using Edit

All types of bronze can be used in:

  • Casting tool heads, weapon heads, and ingots
  • Smithing into double ingots, sheets, tools, weapons, and armor
  • Crafting into anvils and bloomeries

Bismuth bronze is an ingredient of blue steel. Black bronze is an ingredient of black steel. Plain bronze is not used in the creation of any other alloy.