Ceramics are containers, tools, molds, and wares made from fired clay.

To make most ceramics you must first form the clay. Clay forming is done by holding at least 5 clay in the hand, and then right-clicking. This brings up the clay forming interface, where clay can be shaped into various items, similar to the knapping interface. 5 clay will be consumed in this process, regardless of whether a clay item was produced or not.

To complete all ceramics the shaped clay must be fired in a pit kiln.


Pottery clay forms

Jug - for drinking and carrying water. Breaks occasionally after use. Vessel - for storage, or to smelt ores in. Does not break. Food decays at half rate when stored in the vessel.

A jug being produced in the clay interface.


A ceramic vessel being produced in the clay interface.

Large Vessel - for greater storage. When burning this clay-item, the vessel takes up the whole pit kiln. Bowls - to make meals, and for panning gold.
Large vessel

A large vessel being produced in the clay interface.

Clay bowls

Four clay bowls being produced in the clay interface.


Molds are used to create low tier metal tools, weapons, and ingots before you have the ability to do so with an anvil. Use clay to shape the molds you want, then fire them in a pit kiln to be able to use the mold.

With the exception of the ceramic mold, all tool/weapon molds are single use and are broken after the contents are removed in the crafting grid. The ceramic mold has a chance of breaking after each use.


Two ceramic molds being produced in the clay interface.

Tool mold patterns are found on the tool molds page.

Other CeramicsEdit

Spindle - used to spin wool into yarn. Crucible - a special type of clay ware, used to melt metals at higher temperatures. (Uses Fire Clay rather than plain clay.)

A spindle being produced in the clay interface.


A crucible being produced in the clay interface, using fire clay.

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