Charcoal Pit

Charcoal Pit in action, notice the small smoke puffs.

The charcoal pit is a construction that allows players to convert wood, in the form of log piles, into charcoal. Charcoal is mandatory for bloomeries and blast furnaces, and may also be used in forges. There is currently no other way to create charcoal.

Charcoal pits can be made out of any non-flammable material, but soil is most often used for its ease of removal and prevalence. Once a charcoal pit has been started, it can take up to 18 in-game hours to complete (roughly one day and half a night).

The more logs that are placed in the log piles, the more charcoal will be created in the charcoal pit after the process is complete. A standard charcoal pit yields about 1.5 stacks of charcoal (96 pieces).

Instructions for building:Edit

The charcoal pit is comprised of 3 elements: Torches, the log piles, and the surrounding material. Without all of the log piles, the charcoal pit is likely to catch itself on fire. Without a torch, the heating process will not begin. Without the surrounding material, the log piles will catch fire, which might spread to any wooden objects nearby.
Charcoal Pit Build

Building a charcoal pit. Any type of wood may be used. Note: Before the top is covered over, the hole must be filled with two additional log piles. Then a torch must be thrown onto the top log pile and wait until it catches fire.

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