A chestplate is an armor-piece that covers the upper body. In the real world, chestplates are a form of plate armor made in metal. In this article however, we will also cover upper body armor made from leather, which is the only non-metal armor type in TerraFirmaCraft.

Leather vestEdit

Once you have acquired leather, right-click with the leather in hand and a knife in your hotbar. This will bring you the cutting interface, similar to the knapping interface. To produce the armor, cut out the 3 squares at the top (the one in the center and then the two squares next to the center). This will give you a basic armor for the upper body. The leather armor in TFC is a lot more useful than it's vanilla counterpart, since you only require one piece of leather, and it has a higher durability.

Metal chestplateEdit

The metal chestplate is among the more complicated, and resource-demanding, products in TerraFirmaCraft. You will require 8 ingots of the same metal, an anvil capable of welding that metal, and a heat source (i.e. plenty of charcoal and a blast furnace).

  1. Produce double ingots by welding two ingots together (requires flux)
  2. Produce metal sheets by working the double ingots
  3. Weld two sheets together to produce double sheets

This should give you 2 double sheets, which is what you need for the chestplate. Choose the chestplate from the item selector. Now place 1 double sheet into the working slot. Try to get the markers to line up as perfectly as possible as this affects the quality of the final product.

You should now have an "Unfinished Chestplate Stage 1". Before you can use it, you need to weld on that other double sheet which you made earlier. As before, this requires flux. Once this is complete, you will have an "Unfinished Chestplate Stage 2". You are now on the final path to your chestplate armor. Just work the armor again, and align the markers as perfectly as possible. When you have done this, you will have your completed chestplate armor!