Galena is a type of ore containing lead. Although it is very common, it currently has no use. Galena rocks are dark, dull gray.

Obtaining Edit

Galena spawns as small rocks on the surface, indicating a vein somewhere below.

Galena veins are medium in size and can be found in many types of stone.

In the igneous extrusive layers:

  • Andesite
  • Basalt
  • Dacite
  • Rhyolite

In the igneous intrusive layer:

  • Granite

In the metamorphic layer:

  • Gneiss
  • Marble
  • Phyllite
  • Quartzite
  • Schist
  • Slate

In the sedimentary layer:

  • Limestone

Using Edit

Galena currently has no use. Bioxx has stated that useless items left in the game are planned for possible future features. However, Bioxx is now focusing on TFC2.