Hickory is one of the woods available to the player in TerraFirmaCraft. Hickory is a hardwood and, in real life, is used in the manufacturing of tools and bows amongst other things. The texture of the the tree is a greyish brown, the leaves are a dark green, and the sapling is made up of grey and bright green.


Multi wood chest

A chest, made using 8 different types of wood.

The wood of the tree can be made into planks via a metal saw.

These planks can then be used to create any item or block which requires wooden planks. When creating an item / block with planks, the recipe is not plank type specific (except for tool racks and doors). You can, for example, create chests, stairs, and signs out of different types of wood.


  • Very hard to break
  • Long burn length
  • Very high burn temperature
  • Slow growth speed
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