Installing TFC is pretty straight forward, but it takes a few extra steps. Also, the performance of the game might suffer as TFC is a lot more demanding than vanilla Minecraft, but on a modern computer the difference should be negligible. We also have a guide for setting up a server.

!! Note: In Minecraft version 1.7 and forward, the lighting causes a big performance drop in TFC. Forge version improves this a lot, however the devs still recommend using FastCraft by Player to further alleviate this problem.

From the official changelog: "Chickenbone’s NEI as well as Dries007’s NEI Plugin are both recommended for looking up the new recipes."

Step 1, version 1.7.10Edit

After you have installed Minecraft, you'll have to change your game version to 1.7.10 via the profile manager in the launcher. Click on "Edit Profile", and change the dropdown-list "Use Version:" to "release 1.7.10". Save the profile, and then run the game once (click Play), and quit.

This loads the relevant files for the mod, since it has not yet been ported to the 1.8 release of Minecraft.

Step 2, Minecraft ForgeEdit

Download the Minecraft Forge installer for version 1.7.10. It is available on this link. TFC version 79.14 was built using Forge, however it should run on the recommended Forge version as well (no guarantees though). Run the file, select "Install Client", and install. The default pathway is preset in the installer, but if you have your Minecraft install on another directory, redirect it there. This should download and install everything you need, and you should get a message that everyting is installed successfully.

Step 3, Run ForgeEdit

After installing Forge, you must now run the game again, using the Forge profile from the Minecraft Launcher. If you select "Edit Profile", you should see that it's on release 1.7.10 and the Forge version for it. In-game you should see on the main menu the current Forge version in the bottom left, as well as a Mods button.

Step 4, TerrafirmacraftEdit

Modlist TFC 79 9

The Mods list showing 4 out of 5 mods loaded. This picture uses the 79.9.357 release (in spite of what the mod list displays).

Download the latest version of Terrafirmacraft from the official site, or directly from this link. This file is then placed in the Mods folder in your Minecraft folder. On Windows, open a folder and enter %appdata% into the addressbar, then navigate to .minecraft and then Mods. Once the file is in place, nothing further should be necessary, just run the game using the Forge profile, and Forge will take care of the rest.

You will see a Mods button in the main menu where you can see what mods have been loaded into the game. If Terrafirmacraft is in the list, you're ready to start playing! We recommend you head over to our starter guide to help you learn the basics.

!! Note: Existing worlds loaded for the first time in version 79.14 with Forge 1272 will result in a Forge Mod Loader error due to the removal of an unused item. Simply click "Yes" and everything should be fine.

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