Knapping is the method of forming rock tools in Terrafirmacraft. To start knapping you must have two stones of the same type in your inventory. With the rocks in your hands, right-click and you will see the knapping interface. It appears as a 5x5 grid of stone squares, colored depending on which stones you used. Knapping consumes one stone and gives you back one tool head (if you made the tool correctly).

To make a tool head, you must remove the parts in the grid which aren't part of the final design. Once you have made the right shape with the stone squares, simply remove the new tool head from the output slot (if you don't do this, the tool head is lost). Put the new tool head in the crafting grid, above a stick, and you have a stone tool.

The durability of stone tools is far less than their metal versions, but also depends on the hardness of the stone you use. From soft to hardest: Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous intrusive, and Igenous Extrusive.

The tools you can make through knapping are limited to the following:

Tool head designsEdit

Axe Head
Hammer Head
Javelin Head
Knife Head
Shovel Head
Shovel Head
Hoe Head


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