Copied from the changelog:

  • Made from a single Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold, Silver, Sterling Silver or Blue Steel ingot in an anvil.
  • Lamps can be filled with any liquid, but not all liquids will work as fuel. Olive oil is a valid fuel for all lamps. Lava is a valid fuel for blue steel lamps.
  • Burn for about 2,000 in-game hours by default. Burn length is configurable. Blue steel lamps filled with lava will burn infinitely.
  • Right click to extinguish or relight.

The TFC Hopper is used for creating olive oil. Crafted with two wrought iron double sheets in an anvil. Place the hopper over a barrel or large vessel, put olives inside, and then place a smooth stone block on top. This is a slow process. The TFC hopper does not have any of the vanilla hopper item moving functionality.