Vessel liquid
This storage block works similarly to barrels but has less capacity. It provides a stone-age tool for storage and tanning hides, but cannot be used to make alcohols. This also prevents the player from making vinegar and brine, which in turn means prevents smoking meats, making cheese and pickling food.

The large vessel can hold 5 buckets of fluid (5000 mB), which is half of what the barrel can hold.

Crafting Edit

The large vessel is a ceramic item, and is created by forming clay and then burning it in a pit kiln. Simply hold 5 clay in your hand and right-click, then form the clay to the shape shown to the right. Once that is complete, shift-click while holding the large clay vessel into a pit kiln. The large clay vessel will occupy the whole pit, no other items can be burned simultaneously. Once the burning is complete you can pick up your finished large vessel.

Uses Edit

Rope Edit

Rope is made from jute fibers. Jute can be processed by filling the vessel with fresh water, then adding jute to the input slot and then sealing the container. The process takes about half a day. Each bucket of water allows for 5 jute plants to be processed into jute fiber, ie. a maximum of 25 jute can be processed in the vessel. Any more than this will yield output: N/A, and no fiber will be produced.

Sugar cane Edit

Sugar cane can be processed into sugar by placing sugar cane in fresh water, and waiting 8 hours. For every 10 oz of sugar cane, 1 oz of sugar is produced.

Lime water Edit

Lime water is made by adding two flux for every bucket of fresh water into the large vessel. It can then be used to produce mortar for making brick blocks. Add one sand per 100mB (or 10 sand per bucket of lime water) to produce mortar. Lime water is also necessary in the process of tanning (see below).

Tannin Edit

Tannin is made by adding a log of either Oak, Birch, Chestnut, Douglas Fir, Hickory, Maple, or Sequoia into fresh water and sealing it for 8 hours. It is used to process prepared hides into leather.

Storage Edit

Vessel storage

The vessel can also be used for storage by clicking on the "solid storage" tab (symbolised by a chest). Furthermore, if sealed, the vessel can be broken and all items will remain inside the vessel. Picking up a vessel with any amount of items inside will cause the player to be overburdened and immobilized. However, placing it in the backpack-slot will negate the overburdening, and allow the player to carry additional items. Unlike the regular ceramic vessel, food-items stored in the large vessel will decay at normal rate.

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