Although leather in TFC requires a lot of work to produce, it is a lot more useful than in vanilla Minecraft. 

Most animals in TFC will drop a hide when killed. Depending on the size of the animal, different size hides are dropped.

  • Large hide - Bear, Cow, Horse
  • Medium hide - Deer, Sheep
  • Small hide - Pig, Wolf

Tanning Edit

Hides are dropped from most animals, and can be processed into leather. This requires either three large vessels or barrels - one filled with fresh water, one with lime water and one with tannin.

  1. Insert the raw hide into a barrel of lime water and seal it. If you have received a hide from sheep, combine it with a knife in the crafting grid to remove wool.
  2. When complete, you will get a soaked hide. To process this you need a suitable surface - place a log of any type sideways, and place the hide on top of it. Now proceed to scrape the surface of the hide using a knife (there are 4x4 squares that need to be scraped). Right click to remove the scraped hide once the entire hide is scraped.
  3. Insert the scraped hide into a barrel of fresh water to wash it, yielding a prepared hide.
  4. Finally, insert the prepared hide into a barrel of tannin and wait 8 hours.

Crafting Edit

Small hides yield 1 leather, Medium hides yield 2 leather, and Large hides yield 3 leather. Larger hides will also consume more water during processing. Each piece of leather can then be used to craft a piece of leather armour. Simply have a knife in your inventory and right-click, while holding a piece of leather, and this takes you to the leather-cutting interface. This is where you can craft your leather armours, quivers, or saddles.

This makes it a lot easier to acquire a full leather armour set (requiring only 4 slaughtered animals), compared to vanilla Minecraft where each leather armour requires several pieces of leather. The leather armour also appears to have stronger durability in TFC, compared to Minecraft.

When used in the crafting grid, it can be crafted in combination with lumber to make a bellows (a block to increase the burn temperatures of forges and firepits). Aside from this, leather can also be used to craft item frames and books, the same way as in vanilla Minecraft.