Craft Loom

Crafting recipe

The loom is a device whereupon cloth can be made from yarn or string. String can be acquired from spiders, and yarn can is processed from sheeps wool, using a spindle.

16 pieces of yarn is required until the loom is filled (or 24 strings from spiders). Each strand will add a visible portion of cloth on the loom until it is completely filled. When the loom is prepared, shift-right click with empty hands on the loom. This will weave the strands until a cloth is produced.

Crafting the loom requires 7 lumber arranged in an upside-down U, with a stick in the center. The loom must then be placed on the floor, and each strand is added by holding it in the hand and right-clicking the loom.

Loom empty

A placed empty loom.

Loom yarn

A loom with yarn.

Loom yarn work

Yarn being weaved into cloth.

Loom silk

A loom with spider strings.