Lumber is a highly useful construction material in TFC. Unavailable during the stone age, the player must first make a metal saw to make lumber from logs. Similar to logs, the lumber's colour will vary according to wood type.

To obtain lumber, place both logs and a saw in any crafting slot. One log will yeild 8 pieces of lumber.

Crafting with lumberEdit

The following objects are crafted solely out of lumber:

The following objects are crafted out of lumber and other forms of wood (sticks, logs, planks):

  • Armor stands*, fences, fence gates, looms*, signs, sluices.

The following objects are crafted out of lumber and non-wood objects:

​*Requires all pieces of lumber to be of the same variety of wood,

There are more objects crafted out of wood: See sticks, and planks.

Building with lumberEdit

Lumber can be used directly in the world to build all sorts of objects and shapes in an 8x8 grid on every block. Use this feature to build make-shift stairs and ladders, or as fences for your animals. When breaking a constructed piece of lumber this way, it will break all pieces in that block and return them to the player.

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