Ore QualityEdit

There are four quality types for ore items. Ores found on the surface contain the smallest amount of metal, only 10 units. Regular ore found in veins underground contain 25 units of metal. These veins have a certain percentage to spawn as either poor or rich veins, which when mined will produce poor or rich ores. Poor ores contain 15 units of metal, and rich ores contain 35 units of metal. One ingot requires 100 units of metal.

Metallic OresEdit

Bismuthinite Bismuth Ore
Cassiterite Tin Ore
Galena Lead Ore (useless)
Garnierite Nickel Ore
Hematite Iron Ore
Limonite Iron Ore
Magnetite Iron Ore
Malachite Copper Ore
Native Copper Copper Ore
Native Gold Gold Ore
Native Platinum Platinum Ore
Native Silver Silver Ore
Pitchblende Uranium Ore (useless)
Sphalerite Zinc Ore
Tetrahedrite  Copper Ore


Removed from World GenerationEdit

The following minerals have been removed from world generation, as they do not serve any purpose in TFC gameplay. A few minerals without function remain in the game, perhaps indicating usefulness in future versions. Bioxx has stated that he will frequently add features prematurely, and complete their usefulness later on.

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