A male pheasant.


A female pheasant.

The pheasant is a colourful bird, found in the wilds of Terrafirmacraft. It was added as an alternate source for feathers, since chicken only spawn in jungle. It appears to use the same behaviour and sounds as vanilla chicken, though they do not use nestboxes and do not follow the player when holding TFC grain. They cannot be bred using grains or pumpkin seeds. Shift right-clicking a pheasant will pluck one of its feathers, dealing 25HP damage.

They spawn in the following climate zones :

  • Temperate forest - Any biome, temp 0-21, rainfall over 250
  • Boreal forest - Any biome, temp -20-0, rainfall over 250 (Note: this climate doesn't show up on the debug screen)
  • Swamps - Swamp biome, temperature 3-33, rainfall over 1000