A pit kiln is needed to create ceramics and to melt your first ores.

To create a pit kiln:

  1. Dig a hole one block deep.
  2. Place the items you wish to fire (or smelt) into the pit by shift + right clicking the bottom of the pit.
  3. Place 8 straw into the pit with right clicks on the bottom of the pit.
  4. Place 8 logs in the pit the same way.
  5. Finally, use a firestarter or flint & steel to start the logs on fire.
  6. Wait 8 in game hours.
  7. After the fire goes out you can collect your items.

Note: The fire entity in the pit kiln spreads fire. As of 78.17 thatch burns, and any other flammable blocks will catch fire, if you build a pit kiln indoors. Create your pit kilns outside, away from flammable blocks, to avoid potential disasters from this.

Pit kiln

Pit kiln being made

Objects that can be placed inside of a pit kiln:

  • All clay formed items
    • Clay jug, clay vessel, clay mold, clay bowl, and large clay vessel
  • Clay tool molds
    • Clay axe mold, clay chisel mold, clay hammer mold, clay hoe mold, clay javelin mold, clay knife mold, clay mace mold, clay pickaxe mold, clay prospector's pick mold, clay saw mold, clay shovel mold, and clay sword mold
  • Clay fire bricks
  • Ceramic vessels containing ores. You can also reheat a ceramic vessel and melt containing metal that has hardened.
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