Planks are required to craft a number of wooden objects in TFC. As a placeable block they hold the same properties of plank blocks in vanilla Minecraft, such as not being affected by gravity and being flammible.

Obtaining planks Edit

Planks are obtained by first obtaining lumber. Place 4 lumber in a 2x2 square in the crafting grid to obtain one plank block. This process can also be reversed by placing planks in any one slot of a crating grid and a saw in any other.

Crafting with planks Edit

Firstly planks are used to make a crafting table with the same recipe as vanilla Minecraft, a 2x2 square of planks in the crafting grid. Upon being crafted the player's crafting grid is upgraded from the 2x2 grid to a 3x3 grid. See Inventory. The player may subsequently craft and place crafting tables, but the crafting table block is not used in the crafting process.

Doors are craftable with planks following the vanilla Minecraft recipe (2x3), and will give the player the vanilla Minecraft door, which is a cosmetic change from the FTC doors made with lumber.

Pressure plates (1x2) and buttons (2x1) are craftable.

Boats are craftable, as in vanilla Minecraft by making a shallow "u" shape, taking 5 planks.

Planks are a component of fence gates and armor stands.

As of this entry being placed the vanilla Minecraft recipes for the tripwire hook, piston, noteblock, jukebox, and bookshelf are untested (by the editor). No other vanilla minecraft recipes are present in TFC that have not been listed.