!This block is no longer used since version 78. The anvil interface now contains a menu to select smithable items from.

The Scribing Table was used to make plans in version 77. Plans were vital to craft items out of metal. The recipe can use any plank (or any combination of plank), a piece of paper, and a feather.

When a player right-clicks a ScribingTable, the Scribing interface will come up. There is a 5x5 grid, in which markings are placed, and then there are two other slots in the window. The slot in the top-right is where a piece of paper is put, which is used in the making of plans. Only one piece of paper can be put into this slot, making scribing somewhat tedious.

The second slot, located at the middle-right of the window, is the output slot, where a player can collect the plan made from the pattern of the markings.


You can craft the Scribing Table like this:

P=Planks, F=Feather, Pa=Paper


P  Pa  P    

P   P   P