Use this page to organize the update to version 79. List the pages here that need to be updated.

  • Barrel - Alcohol, cheese, tanning, mortar, and barrel interface.
  • Large Vessel - Complete this page. (could use some pics, but it's good enough)
  • Lumber - Replace planks with lumber on various pages. Add recipes on lumber page.
  • Meals - Figure out how meals work and change it on the Food page.
  • Familiarity - TFC domestication.
  • Shears - New tool recipe to the anvil. Created with two wrought iron knife blades.
  • Wrought iron grill - for cooking 6 items at once. Two double wrought iron ingots in the anvil.
  • Smoke racks - smoking and drying foods (must be brined first).
  • Loom - for making cloth from wool yarn or spider thread. Use planks (lumber) in 3x3 shaped as an upside-down U, with a stick in the center.
  • Name tags - paper and string. Prevents animals from despawning.
  • Sugar cane - grows like crops now. Despawns at temp below 12, only grows at temp 18 and above.
  • Fishing - bass in lakes
  • seaweed - can be harvested for food. (I think there's enough mention of this now)
  • Armor stand - crafted in the 3x3 grid. 3 wood blocks as a base, plus 4 lumber (planks) arranged as a T above the base.
  • Lamps - use fuel to provide light. Page needs formatting to fit wiki style, and some graphics.
  • Flower pot - clay recipe, no need to pit kiln it. Can't hold fruit tree saplings.

Other pages that need to be worked

  • Knapping - in-game screenshots of knapping designs.
  • Support beams - cave-ins seem to be a lot more common now.
  • Metallurgy - Metals and alloys
  • Mobs - Cow, pig, bear, chicken, squid are still lacking pages.
  • The Acacia page needs to be created
  • Tools and tool head articles - the tool head should be a subsection of the tools main page.
  • The individual stone pages need to be merged into the main Stone page.
  • The nestbox page needs to be created
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